Album, Slideshow, On-line memberships

Your favorite photos and family stories can be shar ed in a number of ways. We can help you narrow down the choices. Albums, slideshows and on-line sharing sites are the most common solutions our clients choose. However, we can work with you to creatively find a solution that works best for your preferences and style.


Heritage album

  • Storage option for original prints and memorabilia
  • Archive quality materials used to secure items

Digital Album

  • Timeless, classic design created in-house and customized to your style.
  • Custom layout with client input on themes & captions. You approve the themes before we get started.
  • Designs can be previewed so that you have final approval.


A slideshow or video tribute can be the perfect way to honor a loved one at a special occasion. We can create custom slideshows for graduation, weddings, anniversaries and business events.

Memorial Tribute

  • We can help you select the songs, photos and digitize photos.
  • Can include images and memorabilia.
  • Custom design included a playable DVD shipped directly to you.
  • Tribute length is limited to 100 photos and 2 songs provided by the client.

Custom Slideshow

We help you with:

  • Selecting just the right songs, photos and memorabilia.
  • Telling the story using captions and titles.
  • Digitizing prints and memorabilia. These will be named following your core file structure so they can be easily folded into your existing system.

On-line Sharing Memberships

Once your photos are organized, they are ready to share with friends and family. On-line sharing sites can be a good way to give them access to the family collection. We also use them as a vehicle for progress updates for remote organizing services. We can help you select the best option for what you need.