Organize: Gather, Select, identify.

On-site Hands-on Organizing

  • Two to three hour session. We like to keep the organizing sessions to a reasonable limit so that you don’t get tired or overwhelmed.
  • Collect and gather all items. Once everything is in the same place, it’s much easier to select the favorites.
  • You identify key items and we document them. We need your input to show us the key people and events in your story. These are documented to use as a guideline for labeling, selecting and grouping events together.
  • Stay on task. It can be easy to get distracted and let our minds go down “memory lane” when looking at our photos. We help you stay focused so our time together is used well.
  • Watch for identifying details. We have a keen eye for recognizing eras, milestones and events. As we get acquainted with the people in your story, we are able to help you identify family members as they mature through the years!
  • Set up core file system portable to PC or Mac. Keeping your photo collection as an independent system, allows you the flexibility to transfer it to any computer
  • Watch/search for duplicates. Duplicates take up valuable space on your computer and your storage containers. We help you remove/re-purpose them.
  • Use consistent file naming. Whether we are organizing your prints or digital files, we use a consistent system so that locating your photos is logical and practical.
  • Coaching/training on best practices for keeping your collection updated.

Remote and Long Distance Organizing

Designed for clients who live more than 30 miles away from our office or prefer to have our team do the organizing for them.

How it works:

  • On-site or video conference session to assess and get started
  • Photo collection is collected or shipped to us
  • On-going communication of progress and updates provided
  • Services and pricing customized to meet client’s needs and preferences.
  • Travel/shipping fees may be incurred to cover costs.