Review, Prioritize, Recommend

This is a 30-60 minute on-site review of your entire collection that can be scheduled as a separate session or combined with an organizing session. This can include:
  • Prints, artwork and memorabilia
  • Digital images on computers, smart phones, camera cards and tablets
  • Home movie tapes and reels.

When this step is completed, you will have a customized plan.


  • Current organization structure. We look at what you have in place now so that we don’t disrupt anything that you want to maintain and continue.
  • Accessibility of photos from your devices. You should be able to quickly and easily access your photos from any device or computer.
  • Backup system. It’s important that your photos are secure. We will check to see if you have a backup system in place.
  • Photo sharing needs. If you are happy with the photo sharing account you use now, we won’t ask you to change. However, we will evaluate how this integrates with your photo collection.


  • Your goals. If you have a goal in mind that’s time sensitive, we want to take that into consideration when developing your organizing plan.
  • Your preferences. We can start with whatever area of your photo collection that is most important to you. Your plan is customized to your needs and preferences.
  • Your involvement. How involved you want to be in this process helps us as we develop your plan. We can work side-by-side during each session or manage this process for you.


  • Customized plan for organizing services
  • Products to help you secure and share your photos
  • System for selecting and identifying favorites

Next step is to set up an organizing session.