With a focus on supporting our community, we support local businesses believing in the power of networking. Any products or vendors we recommend have been personally tested and evaluated.

Home Organizing

I am often asked for recommendations for home and business organizers.
These folks are all top-notch in their field.

Leigh Dyer of In Dire Need
Sarah Gabriele of A Place for Everything
Judith Houlding of Space Editing
Michele Santaferraro of Organomics

Business Organizing

Bev Moranetz of Streamline Organizing


Deena Coutant of DigiDeena


Flip Pal portable scanner
This is useful for scanning photos in albums or large prints. The EasyStitch software makes it possible to combine multiple scans into a single file.

Slide Viewers

I like to be able to see an enlarged view of slideswhen selecting them for digitizing. The veho slide and negative scanner works well for viewing them on my computer. I don’t use it for scanning – just for viewing. This can be purchased at