Julie Kessler has always been interested in life stories. She believes that our past shapes who we are and the legacy we share with our loved ones. This passion came to light in 2009 when she and her sisters created an 80th birthday album for their father. This album was designed to be a tribute to an elderly man who struggled to find purpose in his present life. To his children and grandchildren, it represented a glimpse into the person behind the patriarch of their family. They spent hours huddled together poring over memorabilia, photos and stories of his childhood, hobbies and relationships through those eighty years. It was this project that jumpstarted her passion for helping families enjoy their photos.

Our photos, memorabilia and home movies capture the details of the stories we need to tell. They depict us triumphing through crisis, celebrating milestones and achievements, and most importantly, valuing our families and the relationships that matter most to us. Without them, we risk losing all they teach us, and the lessons we need to pass on.

At Picture This Organized, we seek to help you preserve your family legacy by providing services and products that are best suited for your needs. We take the guesswork out of all of the decisions for how to care for your photos, because we specialize in managing the whole photo collection. As we work side-by-side, listening to your stories, goals and preferences, we become trusted advisors for the management of your photo, memorabilia and home movie collections. With the ever-changing options and standards, any product or service we utilize is researched and tested before recommending to you. Our mission is to help families organize their life treasures so they can share their life stories.

Giving Back

Picture This Organized believes in giving back to local and national causes. One such organization that captured our hearts is Love Not Lost, a beautiful non-profit based in Atlanta, GA that exists to honor and preserve the memory of those facing a terminal diagnosis as well as to educate people how to love and support those who grieve. They do this with a complimentary family photography session and a gift that preservers their loved one’s memory. Picture This Organized is proud to support Love Not Lost and you can read more about their work here.


APPO Certified Photo Organizer.
June 2012
First certified organizer in Colorado

Blog contributor for the Photo Organizers.com.
November 2013

Presenter at the annual APPO Conference in Dallas, Texas.
February 2014

Corporate Associate Member Director for NAPO, Colorado.
May 2014 to June 2016

Featured panelist at the annual APPO conference in Orlando, Florida
April 2015

Member of APPO Advisory Panel.
May 2015 to present

Contributor for Houzz magazine  
January 2017